Gulf of Guinea

vraGuidelines for protection against piracy in GoG Region

Although piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region in many ways differs from that of Somalia based piracy, large sections of the BMP already developed by industry to help protect against Somalia based piracy are also valid in the Gulf of Guinea region.

The recently established Marine Domain Awareness for Trade of Gulf of Guinea (MDAT-GoG) is a service operated by the French and UK navies from centers in Brest, France, and in Portsmouth, England and aims to develop, maintain and share details of the maritime domain picture of the waters off Africa’s western seaboard. The MDAT-GoG administers a Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA) scheme under which merchant vessels are encouraged to report position information while operating in the VRA.

The VRA as shown on Admiralty Chart Q6114 has been issued to clearly define an internationally recognized area, so ship operators and vessels transiting, trading or operating in West Africa can join a trusted reporting scheme.

Following reporting isto be done by all vessels passing the region in format as per defined in BMP4:

Entering the VRA – MDAT-GoG Initial Report
Underway within the VRA – MDAT-GoG Daily Position Report (12:00UTC)
Arriving at a Port within the VRA – MDAT-GoG Final Report
Leaving a Port within the VRA – MDAT-GoG Initial Report
Exiting the VRA – MDAT-GoG Final Report
Suspicious or Irregular Activity – Suspicious or Irregular Activity Report

The Center will provide advice and guidance on the maritime security situation and on mitigating the risk of armed robbery or other unlawful activities.

The MDAT-GoG provides a 24-hour manned service of military experts. The MDAT-GoG receives reports, shares important updates and provides guidance on vessel operating patterns, security risks with the Gulf of Guinea maritime community.

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